A struggling single mother, Joan, is forced to choose between morality and law when she finds out that a gentle farmhand, Adam, is more than what he seems while protecting her six year old daughter, Mary, and her ailing grandmother, Rose.


Starring Academy Award Nominee & Golden Globe Winner, Sally Kirkland, Mathew St. Patrick (HBO's Six Feet Under, FX's Sons of Anarchy), Nicole Steinwedell (CBS' The Unit) and Dylan Ramsey (FOX's 24:Legacy) this film is inspired by the current political climate. It is an independently produced film by people who are passionate about art, activism and our collective future.

This action drama illustrates what happens, when we let fear and hate-mongering guide us. While a tale of what could be, "EXTINCTION" is only a breath away from reality. Set in a world where "hate trumps love" takes over, inciting a new world Holocaust where every Muslim is hunted down and killed ...except one.